Rep. Samuelson Visits Third Grade

Rep. Steve Samuelson of the 135th Legislative District of Northampton County came to Moravian Academy this week to speak to our third-grade students. Pennsylvania history, government and current events are a large portion of the third-grade curriculum. Therefore, Rep. Samuelson’s visit brought first-hand experience to local and state issues.

He described how he works to communicate our local needs so that funding can be made available through Harrisburg’s state budget. Local libraries, state parks and superior care for the senior population are examples of programs he works to support. Rep. Samuelson also votes on bills discussed and debated in the full House of Representatives. Rep. Samuelson gave each student a packet with many different booklets including “All About the Legislative Process,” “State and Federal Government Information,” “Pennsylvania Fact Booklet,” “A Pennsylvania Activity Book” and “All About the Constitution.”

Finally, Rep. Samuelson helped to prepare students for their field trip to Harrisburg next week. They will be visiting the State Capitol Building and the State Museum of Pennsylvania, including the planetarium.